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Holy Heart Schools, Best School in Amritsar

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Holy Heart School
Holy Heart Schools

Open HomeWork

Open HomeWork

Students who were absent can update themselves and know about the lessons that are being taught in their own classes.

  • If a child is absent he must go on the school website,go to his class, and check the topics taught in the different periods of the day.
  • The child must be prepared for the topics covered in the form of detailed reading, understanding of the lesson so that the child can continue along with the class.
  • Practice the topics of Mathematics being taught in the class.
  • Complete the projects given for completion during your absence.

The benefit of homework is, that it will improve students' understanding and retention of the material covered.

Improving study skills, especially time management, teaching students that learning can take place outside the classroom involving parents promoting responsibility and self-discipline.

Holy Heart Presidency is one of the few ICSE schools remarked as the Best School by the ICSE inspection team.