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Holy Heart Schools, Best School in Amritsar

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Holy Heart School
Holy Heart Schools

Parental Responsibility

  • Each parent of a student enrolled in a public school has a duty to assist the school in enforcing the standards of student conduct and compulsory school attendance in order that education may be conducted in an atmosphere free of disruption and threat to persons or property, and supportive of individual rights.
  • The school Principal may request the student's parent or parents, to participate with the school in disciplining the student and maintaining order, to ensure the student’s compliance with compulsory school attendance law, and to discuss improvement of the child's behaviour, school attendance, and educational progress.
  • No suspended student shall be admitted to the regular school Programme until the student and his parent have met with school officials to discuss improvement of the student's behaviour, unless the school Principal determines that readmission, without parent conference, is appropriate for the student.
  • Upon the failure of a parent to comply to improve the student's behaviour or school attendance the school can expel the child.


Desks, lockers, and storage spaces, which are provided to students without charge, are the property of the school. The Principal may conduct general inspections on a periodic or random basis and may open desks, lockers, or storage spaces and examine the contents, including personal belongings of students.


Any desk, locker, storage space, item of personal belonging, electronic device, and/or vehicle parked on school property or at a school-sponsored activity may be inspected on an individual basis when reasonable grounds exist to suspect that it contains evidence of a violation of a school regulation.


Public areas of school property are subject to video and audio surveillance and recording. Recordings are counter checked in cases of loss of things / if any untoward incident is reported.

Holy Heart Presidency is one of the few ICSE schools remarked as the Best School by the ICSE inspection team.