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Holy Heart Schools, Best School in Amritsar

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Holy Heart School
Holy Heart Schools

House and Club Actvities

House & Club Activites

The school believes that house and club activities are an essential, component of a complete student experience.

Students are strongly encouraged to join and participate in any of the activities.

Taking part in house activities and club activitiesallows students to have fun and interact with other students who have similar interests.

  • Students who participate in activity Programme tend to have higher grade-point averages, better attendance records, lower dropout rates and fewer discipline problems.
  • Through participation in activity Programmes students learn teamwork, Sportsmanship, winning and losing, the rewards of hard-work, self-discipline, built self-confidence and development skills to handle competitive situations.
  • Whatever extra curriculum activities students choose they get the chance to perfect a skill that is interesting. It helps a student make decisions about what kind of career might appeal to them.
  • Extracurriculars build the qualities of teamwork, commitment, responsibility, leadership those employers’ values. Participation in school activities is a predictor of later success.

Holy Heart Presidency is one of the few ICSE schools remarked as the Best School by the ICSE inspection team.